Different Passport Statuses. FAQ.


Before checking for passport status you must have already done following 2 steps,
  1. Application Fill up.
  2. Visiting PSK.
  • Where to check my passport status?
  • Status 1
    • Once you done your verification at PSK. Next 2-3 days status would be "Passport details sent to SP office"
  • Status 2
    • Then SP office sends your details to your respective police station. At this time status would be "Passport physical verification is pending at your thana".  Thana means police station.
    • After completion of police verification also, this status will remain for 8-9 days.
  • Status 3
    • Then local police station again submits their report to SP office.
    • If every thing is ok then the status would be "Police verification submitted at SP office by your thana".
    • This will stay for 2 more days.

  • Status 4
    • Then SP office send the report back to passport office.
    • The status would be "Police verification submitted by SP office".
    • This status will stay for 2-3 days.
  • Status 5
    • Then they print your passport
    • This stage the status would be "Passport printing is in progress, you will get message and mail once we dispatch the passport"
    • This status will be there for 2 more days.
  • Status 6
    • "Dispatch by speed post"
    • They send a mail and message which will have your passport number, speed post reference number.
Then with in 4-5 days you will get your passport.

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Passport Police verification. FAQ.

In this post I explained about police verification of passport.
This post is useful for those who had done following 2 steps,

  1. Application Fill up.
  2. Visiting PSK.
  • What is the need of police verification for Passport?
    • Government has to verify that your staying in the address you have given in the application.
    • They have to verify that your REAL.
    • They have to check that there are any criminal cases on you.
  • What is post and pre passport verification?
    • If you have applied for normal passport police verification will be after your successful visit of PSK.
    • If you have applied for Tatkal then pre police verification need to be done.
    • In case of pre-police verification you have to get Verification Certificate(VC) before you visit PSK.
  • How police will contact you?
    • Once you done with PSK successfully, in 2-3 days a police verification officer will visit your home or they will call you.
  • What i have to do with police?
    • Once police officer visit your home, again you have to give him one set of all your documents along with 2 photographs(3.5 * 4.5) with white back ground.
    • Two surety signatures from neighbors (this is the reason we need to be nice with our neighbors ;)). 
    • They will take finger prints and your signature also.
  • What if im not at home(out of station) at the time of police visit?
    • You can tell them that you are out of station, you will come back soon.
    • Then they will ask you to come to police station with documents and 2 neighbors.
  • Why police officer is laughing at me after completion of every thing?
    • Because excess nitrous oxide at your home(almost impossible scenario).
    • For money(Bribe).
  • Do i have to pay money to police officer?
    • If you have every document in place and they are accurate, then you can use 'F' word, otherwise your wish.

Visiting Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). FAQ.

Once you get an appointment to visit PSK you may have few doubts. If you haven't got an appoint yet click here to know how to get an appointment.

  • What is PSK?
    • Passport Seva Kendra in short PSK is an office where people verify that the information provided by you while filling the application is valid or not.
    • Once they verify your documents and they feel that your documents are valid they send your details for police verification.
    • Don't expect it as typical Indian government office. PSKs are very modern having display screens every where and employees over there are very professional.
  • When I have to visit PSK?
    • Once you complete the application filling process the system will generate an application form, in that form they give date and time of appointment.
    • You have to be there in the time (as I said PSKs are not typical govt. offices).
  • What I have to do in PSK?
    • Once go there security will check you and allow you inside the office, if you are not carrying any explosives :). In some PSKs they wont allow mobile phones and bags also. So, better to not carry any thing with except required documents.
    • Once your inside the office you have to visit 4 counters (A,B,C and D) one by one sequentially. 
  • What I have to do in counter 'A'?
    • In counter A they verify your Application form and documents.
    • If every thing is good they will issue a TOKEN.
    • Your token is pass to go to other counters.
    • Then seat over there for few minutes(max 5-10 mins), then counter B guys will call you.
  • What I have to do in counter 'B'?
    • In counter B they scan your documents,
    • they take your finger prints,
    • Photographs and money if you haven't paid online already.
    • Then they give receipt, you again have to wait 5 mins before you get call from Counter C. 
  • What I have to do in counter 'C'?
    • In counter C they check every document thoroughly (they check literally check every single letter in your documents and application for mistakes).
    • If minor mistakes they ask you to write request letter to APO to accept your application.
    • If major mistakes they will send you back to get proper documents. In some cases you have to apply again.
    • If every thing is good they will send you to counter D.
  • What I have to do in counter 'D'?
    • In counter D they just take your application and copy of all your documents and they give an acknowledgement letter with reference number on it.
    • You can use this reference number for tracking purposes.
    • Then you can go home.
  • What are the other facilities available in PSKs?
    • Coffee/Tea.
    • Snaks
    • Xerox machine.
    • ATM (some PSK just outside).
  • How much time it will take in PSK?
    • If all your documents are perfect it will take less than 30 minutes.
  • How to track my application?

How to apply for New Passport in India. FAQ.

  • What is a Passport?
    • passport is a document, issued by a national government, which certifies the identity  and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel
    • In any standard passport contains following particulars,
      • Name of the holder.
      • Date of birth of holder.
      • Nationality.
      • Expiry date of the holder.
      • Photograph of the holder.
  • Is Passport mandatory for every one?
    • No, Its only required to people who wants to travel to another country.
  • So, we need have a Passport to visit any other country?
    • Its depends on bureaucratic relation between countries. E.g, Indians need not have a passport to visit Nepal and Bhutan.
  • How to apply for passport in India?
    • Basically you can apply in 2 way,
      1. Offline.
      2. Online(preferred way).
  • Pre-Requisites to apply for a Passport.
    • Passport is very important document, so the process of issuing it need lot documents and verifications.
    • So, before applying for passport, make sure that you have all documents ready with you.
    • I'm mentioning some of the documents required for Normal Passport,
      1. Aadhar card.
      2. Date of birth certificate(if you born after Jan-1989). If you dont have birth certificate and your applying for new one, then you have to show proceedings along with birth certificate. Your local subcollector will give that.
      3. 10th mark list.
      4. If you are married then marriage certificate.
      5. Ration card/ any other address proof.
    • If you are applying for Tatkal Passport,
      1. You need to submit Verification Certificate(VC) given by any Gazetted officer, preferably District collector of SP.  
  • How to fill the application form?
    • First click on the following link click here to open passport website.
    • Click on register link.
    • Once you click on register it will open a form.
    • Remember filling your details is tricky and very careful job.
    • Enter details which exactly matches with details with documents you are submitting.
  • Scheduling appointment and payment.
    • Once you done with filling form you have to schedule appointment.
    • Early there was an option to select date and time, but from June-1, 2013, system is generating appointments automatically.
    • Tricky thing here is, every passport Seva Kendra(Psk) gives limited no.of slots per day. Usually everyday(Mon-Fri) they open up slots at 4:30 PM. Within 5 mins all slots will be booked. So make sure that you got high speed internet to book slots.
    • Regarding payment you can pay through online or offline.
    • Once you are able to book a slot, the system will give a Filled application form with you details and appointment details(date and time). You have to carry this form along with other documents while you visit the PSK.