Passport Police verification. FAQ.

In this post I explained about police verification of passport.
This post is useful for those who had done following 2 steps,

  1. Application Fill up.
  2. Visiting PSK.
  • What is the need of police verification for Passport?
    • Government has to verify that your staying in the address you have given in the application.
    • They have to verify that your REAL.
    • They have to check that there are any criminal cases on you.
  • What is post and pre passport verification?
    • If you have applied for normal passport police verification will be after your successful visit of PSK.
    • If you have applied for Tatkal then pre police verification need to be done.
    • In case of pre-police verification you have to get Verification Certificate(VC) before you visit PSK.
  • How police will contact you?
    • Once you done with PSK successfully, in 2-3 days a police verification officer will visit your home or they will call you.
  • What i have to do with police?
    • Once police officer visit your home, again you have to give him one set of all your documents along with 2 photographs(3.5 * 4.5) with white back ground.
    • Two surety signatures from neighbors (this is the reason we need to be nice with our neighbors ;)). 
    • They will take finger prints and your signature also.
  • What if im not at home(out of station) at the time of police visit?
    • You can tell them that you are out of station, you will come back soon.
    • Then they will ask you to come to police station with documents and 2 neighbors.
  • Why police officer is laughing at me after completion of every thing?
    • Because excess nitrous oxide at your home(almost impossible scenario).
    • For money(Bribe).
  • Do i have to pay money to police officer?
    • If you have every document in place and they are accurate, then you can use 'F' word, otherwise your wish.


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