Visiting Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). FAQ.

Once you get an appointment to visit PSK you may have few doubts. If you haven't got an appoint yet click here to know how to get an appointment.

  • What is PSK?
    • Passport Seva Kendra in short PSK is an office where people verify that the information provided by you while filling the application is valid or not.
    • Once they verify your documents and they feel that your documents are valid they send your details for police verification.
    • Don't expect it as typical Indian government office. PSKs are very modern having display screens every where and employees over there are very professional.
  • When I have to visit PSK?
    • Once you complete the application filling process the system will generate an application form, in that form they give date and time of appointment.
    • You have to be there in the time (as I said PSKs are not typical govt. offices).
  • What I have to do in PSK?
    • Once go there security will check you and allow you inside the office, if you are not carrying any explosives :). In some PSKs they wont allow mobile phones and bags also. So, better to not carry any thing with except required documents.
    • Once your inside the office you have to visit 4 counters (A,B,C and D) one by one sequentially. 
  • What I have to do in counter 'A'?
    • In counter A they verify your Application form and documents.
    • If every thing is good they will issue a TOKEN.
    • Your token is pass to go to other counters.
    • Then seat over there for few minutes(max 5-10 mins), then counter B guys will call you.
  • What I have to do in counter 'B'?
    • In counter B they scan your documents,
    • they take your finger prints,
    • Photographs and money if you haven't paid online already.
    • Then they give receipt, you again have to wait 5 mins before you get call from Counter C. 
  • What I have to do in counter 'C'?
    • In counter C they check every document thoroughly (they check literally check every single letter in your documents and application for mistakes).
    • If minor mistakes they ask you to write request letter to APO to accept your application.
    • If major mistakes they will send you back to get proper documents. In some cases you have to apply again.
    • If every thing is good they will send you to counter D.
  • What I have to do in counter 'D'?
    • In counter D they just take your application and copy of all your documents and they give an acknowledgement letter with reference number on it.
    • You can use this reference number for tracking purposes.
    • Then you can go home.
  • What are the other facilities available in PSKs?
    • Coffee/Tea.
    • Snaks
    • Xerox machine.
    • ATM (some PSK just outside).
  • How much time it will take in PSK?
    • If all your documents are perfect it will take less than 30 minutes.
  • How to track my application?


  1. i am apply new passport but now showing this status. please help us about this.
    Type of Application Normal
    Application Received on Date 29/07/2015
    Status Police Verification Report is not clear and application is under review at Regional Passport Office.
    Show Cause Notice Show Cause Notice
    Letter Reference Number SCN Type SCN Issue Date ** SCN Status Status Updated On*** Applicant Reply Received On (if any)****
    SCN/304418532/15 PVR Review 2015-09-07 Pending Dispatch from PO 2015-09-08
    One item found.1

  2. It just means that either your police verification did not take place or you have failed police verification.. Better call and ask in psk

  3. Replies
    1. In case you are physically disabled they will allow one additional member with you. Else its just you.

  4. Hello,

    At C my application went on hold due to address proof. I was asked to go to exit counter to get the appointment. I went there and they took the application form and photo copies and gave appointment letter for next available date. I came home and realized there was one original document with the photo copies which I submitted in exit counter. How do I get it? Will I even get the original document? Do PSK store it or dump to trash? What is procedure in next appointment? Kindly help.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi..passport status showing "Police report has been submitted by respective Thana and is under review at SP Office, District Hooghly Rural".for past 5-7 days. I neither got a call from (Passport printing is in progress, you will get message and mail once we dispatch the passport)?

  7. Before 2 year i get my passport that time i was like other family person,but now i became a monk can i travel with the same passport?
    I'm asking because in my passport picture i was in t shirt but now i wore robe as a Buddhist monk

    1. please contact me at 9478646923 or 7009483286 i will help you regarding this

  8. Dear sir
    I have permanent address in Kolkata but present have shifted to Raipur on rental one son passport expiring on 2019 do I need to renew at Kolkata address or Raipur address my Kolkata address we have given in rent and my ration card address card is with him to receive my couriers and my family rest 3 passport are still due to expire so that does not need now to change am I right suggest

  9. I have a question about change in name...

    I applied for my mother's passport, but the problem is after her marriage the main name is changed. Like kirti patel from kanchan javiya.

    So name in the documents like birth certificate, results is kanchan javiya. And after her marriage, name in the documents like pan card, aadhar card, voter ID card is kirti patel.

    And other documents of change in name is not available. Like affidavit for change name etc.

    So, my question is the
    1) what documents required for this kind of case?
    2) Affidavit for change in name after marriage will work for applying passport in this kind of case?

    Anyone who knows about this, please reply and help.

  10. Hello, I want to apply for passport in Delhi. But I shifted to a rented house in the same locality for 8 months and after 2 months I will shift to my permanent address. Can anyone tell my want can I do in respect of address proof.

  11. For NON-ECR 10th marksheet are mandatory or we can submit some other document also, Actually all the documents are correct which i uploaded on portal but in 10th mark sheet my surname spelling is little mistake for exp- my sur name is upadhyay in every document but in 10th marksheet its upadhiaya...its very minor mistake...please can be work or not?
    shivani upadhayay

  12. My name is ANJALI AJITH in birth certificate and ANjALI S in other certificates and ID cards(PAN,VterID...)
    Which one should I use when applying for passport?

  13. Dear sir
    I have reissued my passport for my spouse name entry, here i have not observed a letter in her surname was mentioned n instead of r...actual surname should be " sunkara" but name is printed as "sunkana".
    What i need to do...should i reapply for reissue of passport or it will not make any issue.