Is USA/UK behind Malaysian Airlines plane missing??

Foul Play of new agencies

Last 3-4 days I have been reading all these news from different news agencies and watching different news channels. What I have observed is all of them are just trying to engage audience with some news. Most of the time these news are just made up news.

If you see the title of this post, it says "Is USA/UK behind Malaysian Airlines plane missing??".  Apparently USA/UK in fact any country has nothing to do with missing MH370 plane. But, to get audience attention most of the news agencies following these kinds of cheap tricks.

Their Titles of posts are completely irrelevant to the actual content of those posts. I just want know, are these new agencies only  looking to make money? don't they have any social responsibility. 

Do we need to blame only news agencies? 

I cant put this totally on new agencies, as readers we have share on this foul play. We always need out-of-the-blue news. One thing as news readers we need to keep in the mind out-of-the-blue news doesn't happen all the time.
To test this, yesterday I have created post which titled "What happened to missing Malaysia Airlines plane : Conspiracy theories" with in few minutes it has got thousands of hits. Most of the conspiracy theories in that post were just fake and completely irrelevant. And same day I have created another post which is also related to planes with title "Plane Crash Statistics since 1950" with complete legitimate data. Sadly, only few people read it. 
I know most of the guys don't read or share this post since its doesn't have any mysterious content.

Do we need to respond every top stories in the news?

I accept that Malaysian Airlines plane incident is a very sad one. But, just think about is it sad enough, is it relatively sad enough compared to million other incidents that happens every day.
Do you know, every day how many thousands of people die because of terrorists and poverty?
Do you know how many people died because of floods in Philippines and India last year?
Do you know how many lives effected by cold storm in USA this year?
Of course most of us know about these things, but can we change them. I think NO.

News agencies are modern age Magicians

When we go to see a magic. we know that magician is tricking us. Still, we want to get tricked by magician, but why? You know the answer.
These news agencies are like new magicians, every time we read news we know that they are tricking us. Still we read their news again and again and we proudly share those news to trick our fellow friends and followers. 

Why reality is so hard to believe?

As we all remember  21/12/12 apocalypse rumors. I'm damn sure almost who read or researched about that apocalypse surely know that is not going to happen. But our human greediness towards mystery things makes them read all that crap.

There are like some 100-200 Facebook pages, Tweets and news articles are circulating around the worlds says "Pray4MH370" and some similar quotes.
I just want to know,

How many of us who is sharing and circulating these pages or articles fed a starving person?
How many of us given a penny to a beggar? 
How many of us prayed for our neighbors who are suffering from some dangerous disease?   

We(humans) need to revive ourself, why we show such affection towards unknown suffering people, while people surrounding us are suffering even more infront of our eyes?

Disclaimer: If hurt anyone please forgive me.

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