What is the origin of God?


In this post i'm explaining about the origin of God, before going into the topic I would like to clear one point this post doesn't hurt any religion or any race. Its just my sole opinion so, readers are advised to not take it seriously and pardon my English.

You ever observed most of the times we point towards sky while mentioning(talking to) the God. Why is that? why don't we point towards earth or anything else. We humans have a tendency to  understand, analyse every new thing we see every day in our life. That is the reason why we are superior(assuming) race in this planet earth.

Lets go back to initial stages of human life. When human race first saw a tree they might have been puzzled what is that? why it is in different shape/color and why its not moving? They had millions of questions about  that tree. But then later they were able to touch it, were able to pluck fruits of that tree, and even able to kill that tree. Eventually they were able to getting know about trees, then they started using trees.
Similarly  human race was getting answers to other questions related to animals, birds, water, fire etc., etc., Whatever learned human race passing that to next generations, helping them to not start from page 1. Eventually human race was reveling  mysteries one by one. But, they did not get any answers to one thing, which they see every day and night, that is SKY. Every day and night they were watching how things are changing in the sky. They had(still having) lot of questions about sky. They know if they are able to touch the sky, then lot questions will be answered; so, they started to reach sky by walking towards horizon. On the way to reach sky, they climbed hills, crossed oceans and what else, they tried every thing they could. Generations have passed, still no answers for any question related to sky.

Because of natural catastrophes like rains, thunderstorms and lightening people were dying. As those guys know only hunting, they tried to attack sky with their arrows and weapons to stop rains and lightnings. Still no response from sky.

After few generations, people started to form groups, then they observed a thing; access to places belongs to powerful groups were very difficult. Powerful groups always tried to dominate others. Non-powerful groups also tried to attack back, but no use; their strategies did not work on them.

Then they slowly started to believe that some beings are there in sky who are powerful than us, that's why we are unable to reach there places and we are unable to attack them.
On other hand, non-powerful guys started worshiping people belong to powerful groups on the terms of not getting attacked by them. Interestingly that was working, powerful guys stopped attacking their worshipers. Moreover, non-powerful guys were getting perks from their powerful counter parts.

They applied same logic to sky also, if we attack on sky, it will attack back with heavy rain and lightening. So, they have started worshiping sky. Coincidentally by that time humans started building shelters which was protecting them from rains and other catastrophes from sky.
Mean while they were getting other doubts about things like life, birth and death. They had no idea about natural deaths. They only know that "A person will die only if other person(being) kills them". They couldn't see any visible thing(being) who was killing their people. According to them supreme beings from skies were killing their people secretly. The only option they had was worshiping people who live in sky even more.

They observed that other animals are not worshiping people who live on sky; so, animals are living very short life. Also, they observed trees are living more life because trees are always worshiping sky people(as trees grow towards sky). At the same time life expectancy rate of human race was increasing because of their food habits, safe shelters and some other things. But, they believed that they are worshiping people who live in skies, that's why they're living long life.

That's how our human race created god and started worshiping him and whenever we won't get answers to something we just associate with god.

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