Why does America (USA) always involves in other countries problems?

              Last few weeks since the Ukraine crises started USA actively involved in that issue and doing cat fight with Russia. Well, of course every knows about it because its been all over the news and in social media every day.

While I was reading all these news I have got this doubt, "Why does America (USA) always involves in other countries problems?" and that very moment by instinct(which we recently got recently) I googled it; and then I found some interesting and some funny answers.

I'm listing few of them here
  1. Business interests : Since USA(or entrepreneurs)  invested a lot in these countries, they want to save their businesses by entering into the war(or some thing like that).
  2. World Police: According to some one UN has given "World Police" job to USA.
  3. Superiority: USA want to show the rest of the world that it is superior.
  4. To rob other countries: Conspiracy theories like robbing oil from Iraq.
  5. Because USA can: USA just want to show the world that it can do whatever it want.
these are few thing I read from some other blogs. Well, I have got my own ideas too, please spare me some more time for that.

What's my theory says is "USA doesn't have Neighbors to fight with"

If you Google out for top 10 countries with powerful Military(defense) you will come up with list some thing similar to following list
  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. India
  5. UK
  6. France
  7. Germany
  8. Turkey
  9. South Korea
  10. Japan
you could also include Israel if you want.

Lets keep the top spender and powerful USA defense aside for a minute. If you clearly observe every other countries have some major border disputes with their respective neighboring countries.

  • Russia has issues with almost all its border countries like Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Romania, China and many other soviet countries.
  • China has got issues with Japan, India etc. 
  • India  has issues with Pakistan, China etc
  • UK has issues with Spain, Ireland and Scotland. Moreover UK still got few Islands and colonies to control around the world.
  • France also got few Islands and colonies around the world which are disputed and still controlling them.
  • Germany has got issues with Swiss, Austria and moreover they can not officially declare a war against anyone after the defeat in World War- II
  • Turkey has issues with Syria and Greece.
  • South Korea has got North Korea and Japan
  • Japan has got china and Japan like Germany can not officially declare a war.

Go to this wiki page to verify all the above disputes

This is the situation with remaining 9 countries in Top-10 countries with powerful military.

Now, lets come to the USA and its border countries. USA has got two border countries(through land)
Canada and Mexico.
USA literally doesn't have any disputes or any problems with these two countries(except few minor things).
In 2013 USA spent $682 billion on military and some thing similar to this figure in earlier years too.
How does it feel if some country spends on an average $600 billions a year on military and no one to fight with.
Think about it, how do we feel if we have high paid job and no work to do? 
Can we not use a house that we brought for $1 million?
Can we not ride a car that we brought for $500,000?
Its exactly the same feeling for US military forces, if they don't go to war.

There may be 2 more reasons behind America's involvement with other countries issues.
  1. Clearing old weapon stock from military warehouses: Since they are spending huge money, every year they are getting new state-of-the-art weaponry. To store new stock they have got to clear the old one.
  2. Defense Research: Every one knows about USA military research and how advanced it is (Hollywood sci-fi movies references)  and rumors of Area-51 and they are developing advanced war technology and weapons. Since they have got advanced weapons in hand simulations always wont give satisfaction and they need some one(country) to test. 

These might be the reason I guess behind America's involvement in every issue around the world.

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