Proof: Alien Evolution on Earth

  •  Before visiting Earth - 1940s :  NASA identified an alien from unknown planet. Unofficial sources says that alien came probably from "Madly" planet from "Crazy" system.

File photo -1 (Highly confidential)

  • Initial days on Earth (Childhood) - 1950s: After few years, The alien escaped from Area-51 through sewage system.

File photo -2 (Highly confidential)

  • Teenage - 1960s: Since teenage, our alien was bullying others using his alienly horns.

  • Evolved as an Adult - 1970s: After few years of bullying, Madly planet god intervened and taken out our alien's horns to save earth.

  • Middle age just after first marriage - 1980s: After loosing his horns, our alien got married. 

  • Late middle age before second marriage - 1990s: Our alien got special powers from villains of Madly planet.

  • Before becoming US President - 2000s: Our alien trying to show his power

  • Finally evolved as we know now - 2017: No explanation.


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