Real Story: Share it ! like it ! Does Facebook really pays to the Victim?

          Does Facebook really pays to the Victim?

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The parents can't afford it so CNN and Facebook are agreeing to pay half the expenses for the family and the kid so please dont ignore and help and spread the word 
1 Like = 20$ 
1 comment = 50$ 
1 share = 100$


We often see different posts in Facebook like above saying please like it, share it or comment then Facebook will donate money to the victim. Aren't we?

Every time we see these kind of post we show our humanity (or whatever it is) by liking, sharing or commenting it.

Hey don't lie to yourself admit it we did that them many times, I myself did many times thinking that, "Just like and share, what I'm gonna loose; poor baby will get money for the treatment".

The question is do they really get money from Facebook or whatever organization?

Simple answer is big NO.

I know we never satisfy with simple answers :) So think logically.
  1. Lets say Facebook really wants to donate money to the Victim, why the hell they want us to like or share the post. What will they get out it?
  2. Do you really think the post is real at all? 99.99% percent of these posts are complete FAKE and Photo-Shoped.
Okay man, Facebook is not giving any money and let the post also be fake, then who are behind these posts and what they are gonna get out it?

If you have same doubt then you could read the Real Story below.

Real Story

For us as normal people, Facebook is one social-networking site, where we can socialize and be up-to-date with our families and friends. But, there are many people even many companies Facebook is not just social-networking site, for them its bread-and-butter(income source).

There are many companies, who  does analytics on Facebook pages and they show how popular particular page is. How these companies calculate the popularity is based on few metrics like,
  • No.of followers/fans of the page.
  • No.of. posts by the pages.
  • No.of likes for the posts in the page.
  • No.of comment for the posts in the page.
  • No.of shares for the posts in the page and so.
So, once we like, comment or share the posts by these FB pages we are automatically increasing that page's popularity with out our notice.

Once a page is popular AD agencies contact the owners of these FB pages and asks them to promote their product and pays very good amount for that. And we are paying very high price for the same product.

There are Good ways and Bad ways of making money, I feel this is very bad of making money because they are taking advantage of our Humanity and Kindness.

If you too feel this is bad way of making money by cheating us, Please share with your friends and family and enlighten them. Other wise just ignore it and have a nice day :).


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